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Tickets Now Available for Social Justice Shorts

Tickets Now Available for Social Justice Shorts

Bread & Roses Missouri and A Call to Conscience Interactive Theatre Presents:


May 17th – May 19th at Greenfinch Theatre & Dive

Amplifying Activism, One Act at a Time!

ST. LOUIS, MO (March 19th, 2024) – Bread and Roses Missouri and A Call to

Conscience Interactive Theater for Social Change (C2C) are collaborating to present Social

Justice Shorts. Scheduled for May 17-19, 2024 at the Greenfinch Theatre & Dive, Social

Justice Shorts is a one-act play festival featuring thought-provoking new narratives centered

around themes such as racial equality, reproductive rights, poverty, gun violence, transgender

rights, and more. This dynamic event brings together 11 playwrights from across the

country and features local St. Louis writers Joan Lipkin, Zahria Moore, Andy Perez, and M.

Lucas Fleming.

"Bread & Roses and C2C believe in the power of storytelling to ignite change and amplify

marginalized voices," says Emily Kohring, Executive Director of Bread and Roses Missouri.

"Social Justice Shorts provides a platform for playwrights to address pressing societal issues and

inspire meaningful dialogue within our community."

“C2C’s mission is to stir the conscience of our community and facilitate social change. The

chosen plays facilitate a broad spectrum of viewpoints and foster discussions on significant

societal matters that are in line with the company's mission. Considering the present social and

political climate, this festival presents an opportunity for the audience to actively engage and

effect change.” says Fannie Lebby, “It serves as a rallying cry for individuals to unite, advocate

for their interests, and work towards the betterment of their community!!! To quote Augusto

Boal: ‘The theater itself is not revolutionary: it is a rehearsal for the revolution.’ ASHAE!


Social Justice Shorts represents a continuation of both organization’s commitment to using the

arts as a catalyst for social transformation. Through this festival, the organization aims to foster

empathy, dialogue, and action on issues that affect us all.


Friday, May 17 at 7:30p & Saturday, May 18 at 4:00p

“The Pen” by Diana Burbano

“Eliminate the Backlog” by Rhea MacCullum

“Mizzou Made” by Zahria Moore

“Hotel Sterling” by Corey Pajka

“Clark & Howard” by Andy Perez

Saturday, May 18 at 7:30p & Sunday, May 19 at 4:00p

“Panic” by M. Lucas Fleming

“Jimmy was Eight” by Linda Lau and Rae Mansfield

“The Immaculate Contraception” by Jane M. Lee

“That Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art” by Joan Lipkin

“Neighbors by the Sea” by Emma Goldman Sherman

“The Tetons” by Christopher Woods


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