Current Projects

IMG_0216Youth Initiative

 Bread & Roses Missouri works with youth between the ages of seven and eighteen, providing after-school and summer programs that focus on the themes of home, family, work, and community by encouraging artistic expression and creativity that explores and deepens understandings of these topics.

 Adult Programming

“Then and Now Again”  –A Workers’ Opera

Saint Louis has a rich, mostly unexplored, labor history. And there is history in the making again today as Show Me $15 greatstrikegains increasing momentum with fast food workers, home health care workers, childcare workers, university adjuncts organize with NEA and SEIU; banking call center workers beginning to organize under the CWA banner; Laborers #110 actively commit to organizing lawn care workers; all of this in the face of the push in Missouri for so-called right to work legislation both in the private and public sectors.
After Ferguson, it became increasingly clear that workers engaged in these organizing efforts understood very clearly the connection between workers’ rights and civil rights in this post-industrial society that is growing up around us.  And it became clear to Bread & Roses that it was time to produce a theater piece, a ‘workers’ opera,’ that would connect the “then” with the “now.”
Last fall, Then And Now Again had a well received series of performances. This new rendition, revamped and remixed, includes some of the original cast as well as new additions, new poems, new music, dance and movement, historical reenactments and many new stories.  Agnes Wilcox, theater director, writer, actor, and founder of Prison Performing Arts, will direct the production.  Working with her on the script is hip hop poet Freeman Word

The Bread & Roses Missouri production of Then and Now Again Remix, written and directed by Agnes Wilcox and Freeman Word, will open at the AT&T Foundation Multipurpose room in The Missouri History Museum.  The *one* performance is at 1pm, on Sunday September 10th. The show is FREE and open to the public.

“Right To Work Exposed”  — (from the cast of A Workers’ Opera)

Politicians are trying to rollback our progress agenda and even preempt communities from improving conditions for working people. In a galling move this past July, Missouri state legislators repealed the new $10 minimum wage in St. Louis, taking away raises for more than 40,000. These elected officials are being egged on by massive corporations that want to protect their profits.
Extremists and lobbyists doing the bidding of billionaires enacted harmful right-to-work laws in Kentucky and Missouri this year. They’re readying to push these policies on a national scale in Congress and other states across the country. Their plan is to drive down wages and undermine our collective ability to join in union.
This show, brought to you by the creative team and cast of the Workers Opera, is a response to the above described culminating events. The show details the racist, harmful, and largely hidden history of Right To Work, and speaks against the drastic affects it has on workers and their families.
The cast includes Sonja Gholston Byrd, Georgia Brown Moore, Michael J. Paplanus, Rachel Sacks, and featuring Shannon Duffy as “Vance Muse.” The piece was directed by Agnes Wilcox and Freeman Word.
The show will be presented Monday, September 4th, at the Pre-Labor Day Parade Rally at 19th & Olive  8:00 -8:45 am. It is free and open to the public.

Artwork from BR Summer Program 2014

Mandela Workshop

Join Bread and Roses in this self-exploratory workshop. During each workshop, the history and significance of the Mandela will be discussed, followed by participants creating their own individualized Mandala. This is a very tranquil, mindful experience that allows crativity to flow freely. The workshop can be designed for smaller groups (Less then 10) as well as larger groups (up to 25).
For Adults
2 hour Mandala workshop with ending reflection- $500
1 hour Mandala workshop as an art activity- $250
For Kids 45 minute Mandala art activity- $150