Chris Worth

Chris Worth has more than fifteen years of experience in community organizing. His team supports a grassroots coalition of people with disabilities and allies, the Coalition for Truth in Independence, which is one hundred members strong, and partners with Paraquad to promulgate disability rights in the St. Louis region. Chris holds a Master’s Degree in painting. His art takes on issues of social, political, and economic justice. He exhibits both locally and nationally, and is well-known in the Appalachian region as an artist and activist. He also leads a project known as the Tuscher Institute, a platform to train in the areas of disability culture, community organizing, and civic engagement. Chris holds training and/or certificates from the Industrial Areas Foundation and Missouri Jobs with Justice. joined the University of Missouri in February of 2017 as the UMSL Labor Studies Program Coordinator after over 20 years of working in a variety of roles with Labor Unions, such as member activist, officer, staff and administrator.