Bread and Roses Missouri is a celebration of the arts in the lives of working people and their families. As the labor hymn for which the organization is named reminds us, “Hearts starve as well as bodies…give us bread and give us roses.”

Bread and Roses Missouri uses an arts lens to examine social and economic justice issues in all our programming. We believe that cultural and creative expression are a means to effect deep and lasting social change. We organize and participate in arts and humanities events, exhibits and workshops for and about workers and their families. In this way, we address the root causes of poverty and inequality. We educate and activate participants and audiences toward achieving an economic base that benefits the entire community.

We  invite you to explore our website to learn more about our people, programming, events and news coverage. We hope you will join us in experiencing and supporting the work that achieves our mission and vision of a more just society for all.

Thank you to all who made free performances of the 2022 Workers’ Opera possible!

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